WordPress plugin development

WebDurango is a WordPress plugin development company as well. When we do a WordPress site we do everything with native WordPress code. If we need a plugin that is not already available we write one. At present we have the WPDB Power Tool available to any and all WordPress websites. This plugin allows you to do any work that needs done on the WordPress website database without the need for phpMyAdmin, MySQL Workbench or any other third party middleware. It was not accepted by WordPress.org for the the most rediculous reasons (maybe because they charge for database access at WordPress.com?) Who knows. All correspondence can be viewed on the download page at the WPDB Power Tool Free download page. The WPDB Power Tool is also an instructional tool to help you understand how SQL and stored procedures are built.

At present we are also working on a plugin to help users with SEO as well as a simple to use HOA Management plugin. We do not expect the SEO Plugin to be accepted either as it will make it too easy for you to get visibility without paying for it.

If you have a plugin you would like to discuss or a feature your website needs feel free to give us a call! Custom development is what we do here. At present on our list of plugins to develop are Security plugin to make it easy to manage a firewall and form spam. There are at present plugins to do this however some are over kill and some are far to complex for simple management.

Our WordPress plugin development endeavor is to build software that is easy for you to use as well as educate you at the same time guiding you towards becoming a power user of all things computers! Regardless of age or skill level.